Copper Projects was set up with one simple goal:

To simplify the fit-out of your office and pass on the savings to our customers.


Copper Projects is a group of passionate design and construction professionals brought together to offer an unrivaled level of service to the commercial design and build fit-out market.

In addition to designing inspirational and creative workspaces, Copper Projects was established with the clear aim of simplifying the overall client journey in their office move.  We provide the full turn-key service:  workplace consultancy, design, fit-out work, move management, furniture, aftercare and ongoing maintenance.

We have invested a great deal of time researching the most appropriate tools to aid us in delivering quality workplace environments for our clients and we understand what works and what doesn’t.  We keep things simple and we keep our overheads low.  We employ great people and empower them to succeed.  This allows us to focus on our clients from day one and provide them with what we, at Copper Projects truly believe to be the very best service and value available.


Any fit-out company is only as good as its people and its supply chain. We have made a considered decision to keep our supply chain relatively small and work with them on a personal relationship level. Our success depends on theirs and vice versa so it's in all parties’ interest to excel.

Similarly, we employ great people and reward them for great performance. Their success becomes the company’s success which, in turn provides more opportunities for the individuals.

Our experience shows us that designers specify products from all over the world and whilst there are some fantastic products available, we have chosen to champion local products.  They are readily available,  the transport costs are greatly reduced which is good news for everyone.  We again pass on the savings to our clients