Offering the full turn-key service we design, procure, build, install furniture and IT to allow you to occupy with the minimum amount of stress and disruption to your business.


Our simplified process and close supply chain network allow us to transform a new office, or carry out adaptations within your existing space in the quickest time available.


We work with developers and agents to refurbish or upgrade their existing space to maximise rental income.  We have experience in maximising rental space and providing appropriate common areas and the front of house impact required in a competitive market.



Your new workplace will provide the environment for your business and it will be a major influence on the staff you attract and develop into the culture of your business.  Our design team will provide an inspirational design that reflects your company and works for your business.  Focus will concentrate on how your business will work in your new space and challenge any pre-conceived ideas and methods of working, incorporating flexible working, latest technology and current trends.


From changing a door handle to alterations within your current office environment, we are able to plan and carry out works quickly with little or no disruption so your business can continue as normal.


Carrying out a refurbishment within an existing office provides different challenges to fitting out an empty space.  Our designers and project managers will advise how best to utilise your existing workspace to incorporate your new requirements most efficiently, whilst minimising disruption during the works to your operating business.


The design and selection of furniture is an integral aspect of the overall workplace design. We are able to source and procure furniture from a wide range of suppliers to ensure there is a product to suit any design and any budget.

In addition to the design and procurement of new furniture, we are also able to work any pieces you may wish to retain into your design.

In such instances we will undertake a full audit of your existing furniture and provide advice to how it can be re-used. We can also carry out a storage audit which will allow you to gain an understanding of how much storage space you actually need versus what you may currently have.


The final step to taking occupation of your new office can sometimes be one of the most stressful. Our relocation partners and project managers will take the stress away by carefully planning every step with you.

They will agree a detailed programme identifying the key dates and times and ensuring individual employee possessions are carefully packed, transported and placed on the correct workplace ready for business the next day.

We will ensure your business is absolutely ready to operate fully on day one!



We understand that maintaining an office and quickly dealing with any issues that can arise can detract you from your primary business objectives.

We will stay with you, providing support and ensuring your workspace performs for years after you have moved in.