What is the Cost of Office Fit out?

It's the million-pound question; how much?

Before we provide our answer, it is important to keep in mind how fit out is distinctly unique to every project which means there's no one size fits all pricing guide.

However, there are some universal truths in the fit out world we can use to produce an accurate and realistic budget.

To help those looking for some cost guidance, we have broken this blog down into two sections:

  1. Common influences on cost.
  2. Potential costs.

1. Common Influences on Cost

Starting with three of the most common cost influences our team have come across in their experience. For an accurate budget, we recommend exploring these areas pre-construction:

  • The Building

The age, condition and status of the property will have cost implications. A heritage site requires additional regulations and procedures to carry out works, while a crumbling façade will require additional time and people to fix.

  • Specification Level

The level of specification will have a considerable impact on cost.  What is the final goal, and more importantly – how much work needs to be done to reach it? Purely cosmetic work will cost less than a project requiring deeper structural changes e.g., raised flooring, new partitions, ceilings, joinery etc.

  • Size

As a rule, the size of the space will generally have the biggest impact on overall cost. To calculate exactly how much space your company will need, it is advisable to carry out a workplace review with your chosen fit out provider.


2. Potential Costs

Moving on to potential costs, these items will vary depending on the project scope and client requirements, but are usually a good indication of where your money will go:

  • Space planning

By examining flow, use, structure, fixtures, and fittings, space planning provides an in-depth analysis of the property and allows the design team to understand the relationship between each area. This service is carried out in the early stages where a designer will define the separate zones and their activities.

  • Interior design

Interior design adds functionality, value and ties the entire project together. The level of design depends on the brief with options ranging from a standard setup with enough amenities to get a team up and running to a full interior design with decorations, company branding and bespoke features.

  • Construction

Construction time contributes significantly to the overall cost where the construction team will address larger items like raised flooring, partitions, windows, and ceilings.

  • Mechanical and Electrical systems

A team will review the mechanical and electrical systems that keep a building running before a project commences. These systems include heating, power, ventilation, elevators, plumbing etc. Cost variations will depend on how these systems are functioning.

  • Audio Visual, ICT & Technology

AV, ICT & Technology are now incorporated into the fabric of our offices. Modern businesses increasingly prioritise virtual communication, heightened security, and smarter environments. Equipment such as video conferencing, touch panel controls, CCTV, lighting controls, and building management systems are popular choices.

  • Furniture

Tailored furniture solutions determine how your people will work and feel about the space. Receptions, breakout areas and meeting rooms are areas where bespoke furniture can bring a project vision alive.

  • Project Management

Finally, depending on the route you choose i.e., traditional or design & build, these fees will vary.

Give us Some Numbers!

Any solid fit out partner will review a project brief and visit the location before providing a realistic budget. In our experience, the cost can range from £30/sq. ft for a simple fit out with minimal ‘features’ through to £200/sq. ft and upwards for a bespoke high specification fit out.

If you would like to discuss your workplace fit out with one of our team please use the contact form below, we would love to hear from you. For more guidance during the planning stage, read our ‘Five Questions to Prepare for Your Office Fit Out’ blog here.