Mental Health Awareness Week – 10k Steps Challenge

This year, our team took part in a 5-day 10K steps challenge to promote positive mental wellbeing and support Mental Health Awareness week.

Under Construction

Several studies into mental health have identified the construction industry with one of the highest rates of mental health illnesses, with males in construction three times more likely to commit suicide than the national average.

Potential causes include long working hours, low pay, increased time away from the family and macho culture. Supporting, raising awareness, and taking part in Mental Health week, can help make a difference to those in our industry.

The theme for this year’s campaign was ‘Nature’, our team got involved by doing a 10k steps challenge every day for a week. We shared screenshots of our daily steps and encouraged each other with photos of sunsets, pets, walking companions and even a giraffe.


The psychological and emotional benefits to exploring outside each day were countless but, more importantly, centring the conversation around our mental health for one week was priceless. As fit out specialists, we are all part of the construction industry and have a responsibility to care for the people we work with and specifically to care for ourselves.

Step away from the desk, we are Going Outside!

If you would like to make a donation to The Mental Health Foundation, please follow this link.