We have invested considerable time and effort into ensuring our process is clear, efficient and simple but more than that, it is communicated.

We will keep you informed at each stage and ensure that we provide you, as our client, the information necessary to make informed choices about your new workspace.


The most important stage of the process is to listen to our client. We understand the information required and ensure we ask the right questions to enable us to fully understand your requirements.

We will establish: Occupancy levels, department adjacencies, IT requirements, Mechanical & Electrical requirements, look and feel, storage needs.


Our designer will work with you to develop a spaceplan ensuring all your project needs are met.  At this stage it is about how the design works, as opposed to how it looks.  Providing several workable options will result is a design that exactly meets your specific requirements.

Once the space plan or General Arrangement (GA) has been agreed, a detailed cost plan will be developed.  Ensuring the project costs are agreed at this stage will ensure the finishes are developed within budget.


Whatever your design aspirations, our designer will be selected to provide you with the best design solution available. Whether it is an open plan media workplace or traditional cellular offices your designer will have the experience and passion to exceed expectations.

You will be provided with options at every stage and can be as involved as you wish. Our designer will lead you through the process with a clear eye on the overall design. We understand that not everyone can read construction drawings and the look and feel of a carpet sample or an artists impression visual are sometimes clearer tools in the decision making process.

A member of our Pre-construction team will provide detailed cost advice as your design develops. We will ensure that any options provided are within budget and should the designer feel that something is worth spending that little extra, you are fully informed to make that choice.

During the specify stage, the air conditioning, lighting, power, IT and any audio visual requirements will be full designed and the information provided to your landlord.

On completion of the Specify stage, you will be provided with a Contractors Proposal: a fully detailed and costed design proposal providing clarity on every component of the build.


Our delivery team are experts in delivering projects. Our process ensures the decisions are made before works commences and the design is fully detailed providing the best opportunity to carry out the works efficiently.

We use local subcontractors and products which means they are readily available and our supply chain partners understand our quality expectations ensuring it's right first time.

Our delivery team and subcontractors are incentivised to deliver the project snag free and our QA system provides the best opportunity to achieve this and provide a product that will serve our clients well for years to come.


Our aftercare team are always on hand for the little jobs once you have moved in and, in 6 months time, should you want something moved around they are on hand to assist.