Christmas 2020 at Copper Projects

Merry Christmas from everyone at Copper Projects. 

This year we are donating to four charities close to our heart and chosen specifically by our team: 

Due to COVID-19, charities across the UK are eating into their reserves to support the increasing demand. Now more than ever it's important to give where we can. We have linked all four of our chosen charities above if you too would like to find out more about the work they do. 

On the 11th of December, we also got the team together to take part in Christmas jumper day for Save the Children 

Looking Ahead to the New Year

As the year comes to an end, we would like to thank all our fantastic clients and partners who have made this year what it was. 

We are grateful for the exciting projects we have worked on whether it be for commercial or residential, large developments or smaller works. Our team have embraced every project and worked through some extraordinary circumstances. Not to mention we’ve added six new people to the team. 

We look forward to seeing what next year has in store for us and sit eagerly waiting to reunite with our clients and partners again. 

Happy holidays to everyone and see you in the new year!